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The Carolina Justice Report

Oct 25, 2022

What is a Mass Tort? It affects millions of people and yet many don't understand what it is or how it works.
Listen to today's Carolina Justice Report with Attorneys Justin Lovely and John Paul Simkovich and find out what a mass tort is as well as current claims like CPAP, Zantac, NEC, Exactech cases and...

Oct 24, 2022

NEW DETAILS are still emerging in this #truecrime murder case of the SC Murdaugh family and the multiple murders allegedly linked back to them.
Watch today's discussion of recent case updates with Attorneys Amy Lawrence and Sarah Austin who have been following the case from the...

Oct 18, 2022

What is Litigation? It sounds foreign and scary to our clients, but litigation is just a fancy way to say we're taking legal action.
Litigation is what we practice every day at The Lovely Law Firm. Join this discussion with Attorneys Justin Lovely and John Paul Simkovich as they break down the meaning,...

Oct 11, 2022

In August 2021, Gabby Petito was killed by her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, while they were traveling together on a "van life" journey across the United States. The trip began on July 2, 2021, and was planned to last four months; however, Petito disappeared in late August.
Attorneys Amy Lawrence and Sharde...

Oct 4, 2022

In late August The Lovely Law Firm attorneys got ALL CHARGES DROPPED against seven protesters who were arrested outside of the Myrtle Beach Police Department in 2020 during the demonstrations over George Floyd’s murder.
Join Attorneys Amy Lawrence and Sharde Crawford today as they discuss why these...